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New Order for Standardkessel Baumgarte

Order received for the supply of a biomass cogeneration plant in Hannover

April 2022


The project company BEH Bioenergie Hannover GmbH of Danpower GmbH, a subsidiary of enercity AG, will build a biomass cogeneration plant at the existing power plant site in Hannover-Stöcken by the end of 2024. Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH has been awarded the contract as general contractor for the supply, construction and commissioning of the entire plant technology for the combined heat and power plant. The civil part will be awarded separately by our customer.

The new biomass cogeneration plant is to utilize approx. 200,000 tons of non-recyclable waste wood per year. The firing system used is an air-cooled SBG pusher-type grate, which has decisive advantages in terms of the range of fuels that can be used.

The biomass cogeneration plant, with a rated thermal input of 90 MW, will feed up to 19 MWel of electrical energy into the power grid and, with a correspondingly reduced electrical output, provide up to 80 MWth of heat to supply enercity's district heating customers. In pure heating mode, the plant can decouple a maximum of 89 MW of heat at a fuel utilization rate of almost 100 %. This is made possible by flue gas condensation, which exploits the calorific value effect. The condensation heat of the moisture in the exhaust gas is made usable for the district heating supply by using an absorption heat pump.


The special circumstances caused by the pandemic, which has not yet been overcome, as well as the current economic impact of the Ukraine crisis have presented the contracting parties with the challenging task of drawing up a contract design that does justice to these special circumstances and offers a solution that is acceptable to both sides. Together, we succeeded in doing so.


We would like to thank our customer for the trust placed in us and wish all parties involved a smooth realization of the project.


Technical Data

Rated Thermal Input

max90 MWth

Electrical Output (net)

max19 MWel

Heat Output

max89 MWth

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