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Services from Standardkessel Baumgarte

Customised service

The services of the Standardkessel Baumgarte Group can be tailored precisely to complex customer requirements.

Our expertise, in all aspects of energy and power plants, includes a wide range of services. Our support ranges from numerous engineering services to installation and commissioning to maintenance and complete operational management. Your individual requirements determine which services are right for you. Talk to us - if you wish, we can put together a customised service package for you.


  • Engineering
  • Concept studies
  • Plant analyses


  • Repairs
  • Conversions
  • Fuel conversions

Plant optimisation

  • Lifetime increase
  • Efficiency increase
  • Emission reduction

Good reasons

Operation Optimisation
Operation Assistance

"The energy transition is a huge challenge. Based on our experience with a wide range of fuels and the adaptation of plants to changing requirements, we will always find the right solution for you."

Klaus Gerwers

Managing Director

Standardkessel Baumgarte Service GmbH


Definition of tasks, system status report, evaluation of measurements or measurement protocols, recommendations for measures, planning engineering, execution engineering, quality assurance


Recording of the current status, compilation of a catalogue of measures for modernisation options, implementation of modernisation measures

Operational Optimisation

Development and implementation of measures for availability improvement, emission optimisation, operating cost optimisation, efficiency improvements, etc.



Carrying out annual inspections, repairs, component optimisation, spare parts management


Assembly planning, assembly management (supervision), execution of component and system assemblies, assembly supervision, quality assurance


Functional testing and adjustment of individual units, overall functional testing, performance testing of individual units, preparation and execution of trial operation, proof of performance

Plant Management

Complete operational management of industrial power plants