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Standardkessel Baumgarte Bmbh receives an order from ICL-IP TERNEUZEN B.V.

Replacement of the Reactor of a Catalytic Exhaust Air Purification System

April 2022

SBG's exhaust air/ gas cleaning division is pleased about the order intake for the replacement of the reactor of the CatOx plant

In order to ensure the continued perfect functionality of the ICL-IP exhaust air purification system at the Terneuzen site, the reaction reactor, which has been in operation for more than 20 years, will be replaced.

The principle of catalytic oxidation of volatile hydrocarbons ensures sustainable air purification.



Optimization of the homogeneous temperature distribution across the reactor

"The purification of waste gases and process gases is increasingly becoming a core issue in the design of plants due to the increasing environmental requirements. With our processes, we can not only clean the gases, but also make the ingredients available for recycling."

Dr. Annette Ziemann-Nöthe

Deputy Head of Exhaust Air and 
Exhaust Gas Cleaning

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