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Changes in the management board of the Standardkessel Baumgarte Group

SB-Group implements a new organisation structure

April 2023


For several years now, the Standardkessel Baumgarte Group (SB Group) has been accompanied by a challenging market environment, which will remain demanding due to future political and social changes. In order to be able to successfully compete in this context, an intensive proximity to the market and a high implementation speed are of particular importance. JFE Engineering Corporation (JFEE) as shareholder of Standardkessel Baumgarte Group has therefore decided to further simplify the organizational structure of the SB Group.

Standardkessel Baumgarte Holding GmbH (SBH) will thus focus even more intensively on its function as the interface between the SB Group and its shareholder JFEE. The previous CEO and Managing Director of SBH, Mr. Jörg Klasen, has left the management of SBH on 28.02.2023. After the return of Mr. Akihisa Suzuki to Japan, the management of SBH consists of Mr. Akio Enomoto (CEO), Mr. Seiichi Kuroiwa, Mr. Lutz Reinery and Dr. Christian Storm as of 01.04.2023. We would like to thank Mr. Klasen for his many years of high commitment, especially in view of the many challenges the Standardkessel Baumgarte Group has had to face in recent years, and wish him all the best for the future. We also thank Mr. Suzuki for the cooperative collaboration and wish him all the best for the new tasks in the JFE Group.


As part of the structural changes, the management of Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH (SBG) was  adapted as of 01.04.2023 and strengthened by new competencies: Dr. Christian Storm assumed the role of CEO and is  responsible for sales, proposal and engineering, while Mr. Frank Reinmöller continues to be primarily responsible for order execution. Mr. Wolfgang Saur, the long-term CFO of Standardkessel Baumgarte Service GmbH (SBS), additionally assumed the function of CFO of SBG. Dr. Siegfried Scholz resigned at his own request from his position as Managing Director of SBG as of 31.03.2023. He will as an authorized representative manage the sales of SBG, participate in the remaining execution of current orders and continue to represent the SB Group as President in the ESWET. We would like to thank Dr. Scholz for his work to date and wish him all the best for the future.


In the last fiscal year, Standardkessel Baumgarte Service GmbH (SBS) discontinued its business activities outside Europe and sold its subsidiary EPCo in Saudi Arabia. Against this background, Mr. Hans Ulrich Willach will leave the management of SBS on 31.12.2023. Otherwise, the management of SBS remains unchanged with Mr. Klaus Gerwers and Mr. Wolfgang Saur. From 01.01.2024 onwards, Mr. Hans Ulrich Willach will continue with other assignments within the SB Group.

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