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Successful boiler pressure test in Chalampé

Our welds are also tight in France

October 2022

We are pleased that the team at our construction site in Chalampé, France was able to achieve another milestone on the way to commissioning. At the required test pressure of 159 bar, all welds remained tight.

The existing natural gas-fired power plant park of ALSACHIMIE (a BASF and Domo Chemicals company) at the Chalampé industrial site, will be supplemented by EPCC of B+T Energie France S.A.S.. Substitute fuels from commercial and industrial waste and other solid waste fuels will reduce the use of natural gas as a fuel in the future. EPCC will feed part of the base load of the HP and LP steam demand of the chemical park into the existing steam network. ALSACHIMIE will integrate EPCC into the chemical park's existing infrastructure. We are happy for the whole team that the pressure test has now been successfully completed together with the Notified Body (TÜV Nord) and at the same time we would like to thank all involved for their special efforts.

Our project manager, Mario Gojun, had a few words to say about this that we can only endorse:



»I would like to personally thank everyone involved for their efforts! We all know that the current circumstances, e.g. the Ukraine crisis, and the Corona pandemic, constantly present us with new challenges that we "normally" would not have to deal with. I would like to thank every single person who gives his best for the team and the project every day and I would also like to thank our customer, B+T Energie France S.A.S. for the particularly cooperative and always good collaboration! I am now looking forward with optimism to the next steps and the final stage of the project.«

Mario Gojun,

Project Manager Chalampé

Energy from Waste Power Plant
Energy Production Center Chalampé, France

Reference Sheet

The natural gas operated power plant park of ALSACHIMIE (a BASF and Domo Chemicals company) at the industrial site F-Chalampé, which has existed for decades, will be supplemented by the EPCC (Energy Production Centre Chalampé) of B+T Energie France S.A.S. Standardkessel Baumgarte, as general contractor, will supply the entire plant and process engineering of the EPCC, which will contribute to the base load supply of high and low pressure steam for the production facilities of ALSACHIMIE. 

Technical Data


Refuse derived fuels, commercial waste and other solid waste fuels

Low Heating Value

Maximal16.0 MJ/kg

Fuel Throughput

12.8 t/h

Rated Thermal Input

80 MW

Steam Capacity

96.8 t/h

Steam Pressure

66 bar

Steam Temperature

425 °C

Flue Gas Temperature Exit

160 °C

Emission Values


pictures full of energy!

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