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The first Boiler Column is erected at Romonta site


January 2023


The project in Amsdorf, at our customer Romonta, is now also picking up speed! The first boiler column has been set and the assembly of the boiler steel structure is thus in full swing. We are pleased about the assembly start of the already third project, which we are allowed to realize for Romonta.

The new Energy-from-Waste plant will not only use the energy of the resource waste much more efficiently than the almost 40-year-old existing plant, but will also more than double electricity generation while maintaining the same heat output. Depending on the calorific value, between 320,000 - 350,000 tons of waste from the surrounding area will be safely utilized each year with low emissions. For the new, four-pass boiler, the first steel columnof the boiler steel structure has now been set, which will support the boiler in the future.

We are pleased with the "start" of the project and look forward with confidence to the realization of the plants! Many thanks to our customer and all parties involved for the cooperative collaboration!

Technical Data

Rated Thermal Input (RTI)

55 MW

Steam Parameter

Steam Capacity63,5 t/h

Steam Temperature422 °C

Steam Pressure77 bar

Construction of Steel Structure

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