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Solutions for Gas Cleaning

Exhaust Gas, Exhaust Air and Flue Gas Cleaning + Condensation

Reduce emissions, reduce and avoid pollutants: Our broad spectrum of sustainable solutions for catalytics, condensation and combined processes brings together product-integrated environmental protection and optimal energy generation.

With single or multistage processes and process technologies for flue gas, exhaust air and flue gas cleaning, we support our customers in complying with the required emission limits with optimum energy utilisation and high availability. In terms of process technology, Standardkessel Baumgarte offers a wide range of different processes for emission reduction and avoidance. Tailored to individual customer requirements and specific plant situations and always in compliance with the highest quality standards. Benefit from our Ideas full of Energy.

Forward-looking process technologies for exhaust air and exhaust gas purification

In waste gas, exhaust air and flue gas purification, we rely on forward-looking process technologies that enable our customers to efficiently and ecologically reduce pollutants and lower emissions.


Denitrification (DeNOx)

Safe compliance with limit values through optimised process control and selective reduction of nitrogen oxides.

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Catalytic Oxidation (CatOx)

Low reaction temperatures for efficient exhaust gas cleaning of volatile hydrocarbons with reduced energy conversion.

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Proven to recover pollutants or solvents in the exhaust gas as a valuable material and to use them for further processes.

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  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning
    Catalytic Oxidation
    Datwyler Pharma Packaging India Pvt. Ltd.
    Kesurdi, India


  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning
    Catalytic Oxidation
    Pharmaceutical Company
    East Coast, USA


  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning
    Separation of Solvents by Condensation
    Evonik, Singapore



Broad process know-how
Many years of experience
International references
Optimal interface management

At Standardkessel Baumgarte, we put our energy into developing sustainably efficient energy supply solutions. With maximum flexibility in fuel use and mode of operation thanks to our uniquely broad process know-how.

From planning and engineering to commissioning. Rely on support from a single source. Worldwide. With smart interface management and the experience gained from many completed projects.

Turn Key Power Plants

"The purification of waste gases and process gases is increasingly becoming a core issue in the design of plants due to the increasing environmental requirements. With our processes, we can not only clean the gases, but also make the ingredients available for recycling."

Dr. Annette Ziemann-Nöthe

Deputy Head of Exhaust Air and 
Exhaust Gas Cleaning