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Development of biomass plants

Biomass Powere Plant Elsterwerda, Germany

Biomass Power Plant Elsterwerda,

Technical Data Reference Sheet


On the area of an existing district heating plant, owned by Stadtwerke Elsterwerda, a new biomass plant should be installed. The new biomass power plant should replace the old district heating plant and additionally produce electrical power for the public grid.

Biomass is used as fuel, according to the definition of the German
“Biomass Legislation”.

The order was placed to Standardkessel Baumgarte in November 2001.



The plant is equipped with the following procedural units. The fuel is delivered by trucks. Beginning with the receiving station the fuel is conveyed into the storage silos. From there the fuel arrives in the boiler area via a conveying system.

The thermal part consists of grate firing system, steam generator and flue gas cleaning.

The electrical energy being generated in the turbine/generator is fed into the public grid and the process steam into the steam net of the heating power station.

The back up for the district heating system is done by an auxiliary boiler.


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Sebastian Zimmer

Head of Proposals PP


Technical Data


Waste Wood (A1-A2), Lightoil, Natural Gas

Low Heating Value

Minimal10.0 MJ/kg

Nominal16.0 MJ/kg

Maximal13.4 MJ/kg

Fuel Flow

Nominal12.2 t/h

Rated Thermal Input

44 MW

Electrical Output ST

12 MW

District Heating

12 MW

Steam Flow

50 t/h

Steam Temperature

452 °C

Steam Pressure

66 bar

Feed Water Temperasture

105 °C

Flue Gas Flow

Nominal102,000 m³/h i.N.

Flue Gas Temperature Exit

180 °C

Operating Permit

17. BImSchV

Boiler Type

Natural Circulation



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