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Development of Biomass Power Plants

Biomass Power Plant Rambervillers, France

Biomass Power Plant
Rambersvillers, France

Technical Data Reference Sheet


EGGER Panneaux de decors is planning a new biomass-fired cogeneration plant at the Rambervillers location in France. The steam generator for the new power plant is being constructed by Standardkessel Baumgarte. In future, the cogeneration plant will produce both saturated steam for heating thermal oil and superheated steam for the steam turbine to generate electricity and process steam.



The new steam generator produces both saturated steam for heating thermal oil and superheated steam by means of a steam turbine generator. The exhaust steam from the turbine is used as process heat.

Various types of wood waste from production as well as a percentage of fresh wood required by law are used as fuels. The steam generator is operated with a total of three different firing systems: moving grate firing system, direct firing system and combined gas/dust burners. In this way, for the diverse types of production waste the respective optimum firing system is used and extremely low emission values can be achieved.


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"Thanks to our broad product portfolio in the field of biomass firing systems, we can always offer our customers an optimal solution"



Sebastian Zimmer

Head of Proposals PP


Technical Data


Waste Wood A1-A4, Virgin Wood, Wood Dust, Natural Gas

Low Heating Value (Grate)

Minimal7.5 MJ/kg

Nominal9.4 MJ/kg

Maximal14.9 MJ/kg

Low Heating Value Injection Firing

Minimal12.5 MJ/kg

Nominal14.9 MJ/kg

Maximal16.5 MJ/kg

Heating Value Dust Burner

17.1 MJ/kg

Fuel Flow

Nominal161,184 t/a

Rated Thermal Input

55 MW

Electrical Output

9.6 MW

Heat Export

8 MW

Steam Capacity

55 t/h

Steam Temperature

500 °C

Steam Pressure

80 bar (ü)

Feed Water Temperature

108 °C

Flue Gas Flow

Nominal94,752 m³/h i.N.

Flue Gas Temperature Exit

136 °C



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