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Development of Combined Cycle Power Plants

CCPP Hannover-Linden, Deutschland

CCPP Hannover-Linden
Hannover, Deutschland

Technical Data Reference Sheet


The heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is fitted into an existing boiler house in which a coal-fired boiler was previously installed. Then, together with the existing No. 1 waste heat boiler, a common steam range will be used which feeds to a new steam turbine having a reheating system. The turbine is intended to be operated in efficient variable pressure operation, so the boiler and the steam lines will be designed in such a way that, in the event of the failure of No. 1 waste heat boiler, the new boiler can produce its full capacity even at half the pressure. For the most flexible use possible, in particular with widely varying load requirements, the boiler is designed for fast start-up. Due to the long delivery time of the steam turbine, for economic reasons it is planned to start bypass operation already during the erection phase.



In order to meet these requirements, Standardkessel Baumgarte is supplying a vertically arranged natural circulation boiler with an additional condensate heat exchanger which also feeds the district heat supply system. Besides the HP and the MP parts, the boiler is also provided with a reheater to optimize efficiency.

The steam generator is constructed as a suspended boiler and designed in such a way that the existing steel supporting structure of the old coal-fired boiler can continue to be used.

For the generation of peak current with waste heat operation, the plant is equipped with a flue gas bypass for 100 % flue gas flow. The waste gases from No. 2 waste heat boiler and/or bypass flow into a joint stack.


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"In order to meet the demands of a volatile energy market, we have made it our mission to realise our plants with maximum efficiency and high availability."

Detlef Simon

Head of Sales and Marketing

Technical Data

Number of Lines


Energy Source

GT Exhaust Gas

GT Exhaust Gas Flow

215 kg/s

GT Exhaust Gas Temperature

590 °C

Electrical Output GT

77 MW

Steam Capacity

HP93 t/h

RH104.6 t/h

MP12.8 t/h

LP11 t/h

Steam Temperature

HP540 °C

RH544 °C

MP351 °C

LP240 °C

Steam Pressure

HP98.1 bar

RH29 bar

MP31 bar

LP5,2 bar

Feed Water Temperature

152 °C

Flue Gas Temperature HRSG Exit

80 °C

Boiler Design

Natural Circulation



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