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Development of Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP)

CCPP Infraserv,
Frankfurt Hoechst,

CCPP Infraserv
Frankfurt Hoechst,


Technical Data Reference Sheet

The Task

The Industriepark Höchst is developing its supply infrastructure with process steam and electricity. Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG is building two new gas turbine plants and two downstream heat-recovery steam generators. Standardkessel Baumgarte was awarded the contract to supply and install the two heat-recovery steam generators (K7+K8), including the auxiliary equipment.

The Solution

The boiler plant is build in suspended vertical construction and designed in natural circulation. The two heat recovery steam generators were designed as 2-pressure boilers with auxiliary firing downstream of two upstream gas turbines. The two new gas turbine units have a capacity of 88 MWel each. The heat recovery steam generators will each produce up to 200 t/h of high-pressure steam and - depending on the load case - up to 22 t/h of low-pressure steam.

The heat recovery steam generators are additionally equipped with a firing system that can be operated both in GT heat recovery mode as auxiliary firing and in operation without gas turbine with fresh air. Switching between the two modes of operation takes place within a few seconds in the so-called "flying changeover" and thus ensures continuous steam production even during the changeover of the modes of operation.

For further information, please refer to our reference sheet.

"In order to meet the demands of a volatile energy market, we have made it our mission to realise our plants with maximum efficiency and high availability."

Detlef Simon

Head of Sales and Marketing

Technical Data

Number of Lines


Energy Source

GT-Exhaust Gas

Electrical Output GT each

88.7 MW

Rated Thermal Input Aux. Firing each

130 MW

Steam Capacity each

200 t/h

Steam Pressure

123.2 bar

Steam Temperature

512 °C

Feed Water Temperature

72 °C

Flue Gas Temperature Exit HRSG

95 °C

Aux. Fuel

Natural Gas

Boiler Type

Natural Circulation



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