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Process Steam Generator for the Industry

Process Steam Generator
Terneuzen, Netherlands

Process Steam Generator, Terneuzen, Netherlands

Technical Data Reference Sheet


To safeguard the steam network at DOW Benelux BV’s production location in Terneuzen, it was necessary to construct a process steam boiler plant. This new boiler plant was to be integrated into the existing power plant structure in order to increase the availability of the process steam. For pressure relief/protection upon failure of the existing boiler plants, the pressure tolerance to be adhered to requires maximum load change rates. Standardkessel Baumgarte is constructing the process steam boiler plant as the general contractor for E.ON Power Plants Belgium bv, a subsidiary of E.ON Energy Projects GmbH.



Execution of the process steam boiler as a 2-pass boiler with front firing (6 burners in n-1 design) and downstream horizontal economizer pass that has a space reserve for later catalyst retrofitting. Design of the boiler plant and the necessary components was carried out with reference to the extreme load ramps and pressure tolerances. For this, extensive dynamic calculations were necessary to be able to extensively reconstruct the boiler characteristics


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"Our boiler plants convert gaseous and liquid fuels reliably and efficiently into heat and electricity, even for complex tasks. The utilisation of various residual materials from production, as well as, waste heat from processes and gas turbines is a focus of our plant technology".

Guido Kessler

Senior Lead Engineer Proposals

Technical Data

Number of Lines



Natural Gas + Off-Gas

Low Heating Value

Maximal10.5 kWh/m³ i. N.

Minimal8.5 kWh/m³ i. N.

Fuel Troughput

Maximal33,000 m³/h i. N.

Minimal4,800 m³/h i. N.

Rated Thermal Input

300 MW

Steam Capacity

350 t/h

Steam Pressure

37 bar

Steam Temperature

350 °C

Feed Water Temperature

70 °C

Flue Gas Temperature Exit

100 °C

Design Rule

EN 12952



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