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Development of waste to energy plants

Energy from Waste plant
TRB-plant Bitterfeld, Germany

Energy from Waste Plant
TRB-Plant Bitterfeld Germany

Technical data Reference sheet

The Task

In order to ensure an environmentally friendly supply of energy to the companies located in the Chemiepark Bitterfeld Wolfen, a waste to energy power plant was to be built. The power plant system, designed on the basis of cogeneration, shall feed the generated power into the local network and supply the annual amount of generated heat to the local companies. The technical concept of the combustion line had to comply with a plant system that Standardkessel Baumgarte completed in the year 2007.


The Solution

The basic planning of the realised boiler type allowed a macroeconomic solution for the plant design taking the changed performance data into consideration. The firing system conceived as a water- cooled pusher-type grate, is attached to the steam generator consisting of the furnace area with a downstream radiation pass and lowered tail end pass.


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"We deliver an innovative and specially adapted technology for a sustainable and effective energy supply tailor-made for your needs".

Olaf Schumacher

Head of Sales EfW

Technical data

Number of Lines



Domestic / Industrial refuse

Heating Value

min.11 MJ/kg

nom.15 MJ/kg

max.18 MJ/kg


min.10.1 t/h

nom.13.44 t/h

max.16.8 t/h

Rated Thermal Input

56 MW

Steam Capacity

64.4 t/h

Steam Pressure

43 bar

Steam Temperature

400 °C

Feedwater Temperature

105 °C

Flue-Gas Flow

109,000 m³ i. N./h

Exhaust-Gas Temperature

min.160 °C

max.190 °C

Operating Approval

17. Federal German Pollution Control Act

Year of Commissioning


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