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Development of waste to energy plants

Energy from Waste Plant
EBS-Plant Romonta Amsdorf, Germany

Energy from Waste Plant
EBS-Plant Romonta Amsdorf Germany

Technical data Reference sheet

The Task

In order to realise a low-cost energy generation, the existing power plant was to be enlarged by a waste incineration system which had to be integrated into the existing power-plant building. Not only had the procedural criteria in respect of the new disposal unit to be taken into account, but also the available local site conditions. The installation of a second combustion line was already envisioned in the planning of the first line. After the first line had been successfully in operation for around five years, Romonta Beteiligungs GmbH placed the second order with Standardkessel Baumgarte.


The Solution

The general project requirements could be met by realising a boiler concept designed as a steam generator with a downstream radiation pass and a lowered tail end. The combustion system was provided in form of a pusher-type grate with a water-cooled grate lining and a very flat ash removal system, so that in consideration of the necessary furnace-area geometry, the roof of the existing boiler house could be completely maintained. The complete tail end protrudes from the building and is designed as an outdoor plant.


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"We deliver an innovative and specially adapted technology for a sustainable and effective energy supply tailor-made for your needs".

Olaf Schumacher

Head of Sales EfW

Technical data

Number of Lines



Domestic/ Industrial refuse

Heating Value

min.11 MJ/kg

nom.13 MJ/kg

max.15 MJ/kg

Fuel Throughput

min.4.00 t/h

nom.7.75 t/h

ma.8.53 t/h

Rated Thermal Input each

28 MW

Steam Capacity each

30 t/h

Steam Pressure

40 bar

Steam Temperature

400 °C

Feed Water Temperature

105 °C

Flue-Gas Flow each

53,950 m³ i. N./h

Exhaust-Gas Temperature

min.180 °C

max.210 °C

Operating Approval

17. Federal German Pollution Control Act

Year of Commisioning

2004 / 2009

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