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Entwicklung von Waste to Energy Anlagen

Energy from Waste Power Plant
PreZero Energy GmbH at Bernburg (PEB), Germany

Energy from Waste Power Plant
PreZero Energy GmbH at Bernburg (PEB) Germany

Technical Data Reference Sheet


To ensure the supply of energy to the Solvay Company in Bernburg, a second mainstay for energy supply had to be created. The PreZero Energy GmbH (formerly Energie Anlage Bernburg GmbH) and the pharmaceutical enterprise Solvay planned the installation of a waste-to-energy power plant. On the basis of their powerful references with their conception of identical boiler plants, the Standardkessel Baumgarte was able to obtain the order to install three combustion lines with equal performance rating on a turnkey contract basis.



The well proven technical conception was supplied from one hand source by Standardkessel Baumgarte. The delivery included, but not limited to the furnace area situated above a water-cooled pusher type grate, two vertical radiation passes and a vertical economiser was selected for these waste-to-energy combustion lines. The overall scope of order encompasses the fuel supply, feed-water system, instrumentation and control engineering, building services engineering, the flue-gas treatment system and the stack.


More information can be found in the reference sheet.

"We deliver an innovative and specially adapted technology for a sustainable and effective energy supply tailor-made for your needs".

Olaf Schumacher

Head of Sales EfW

Technical Data

Number of Lines



Processed domestic and industrial Waste

Low Heating Value

Minimal10.5 MJ/kg

Nominal15.0 MJ/kg

Maximal18.0 MJ/kg

Fuel Throughput

Minimal11.3 t/h

Nominal16.8 t/h

Maximal21 t/h

Rated Thermal Input each

70 MW

Steam Capacity each

80 t/h

Steam Pressure

42 bar

Steam Temperature

410 °C

Feed Water Temperature

130 °C

Flue Gas Volume each

136,000 m³ i. N./h

Flue Gas Exit Temperature

180 °C

Operating Permit

17. BImSchV



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