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Development of Waste to Energy Power Plants

Energy from Waste Power Plant
Kaunas, Lithuania

Energy from Waste Power Plant
Kaunas, Lithuania

Technical Data Reference Sheet


The Lithuanian company UAB Kauno kogeneracine jegaine placed the order with Standardkessel Baumgarte for the supply of the boiler and the grate for the waste-incineration plant in Kaunas, Lithuania.

For the thermal utilization of municipal waste, the boiler plant will have an annual incineration capacity of 270,000 tonnes. The energy produced will be used to generate heat for the city of Kaunas and to feed electricity into the public grid. With a total output of 85 MWth and extremely ambitious steam parameters the required energy is to be made available in an environmentally friendly manner.



The technical concept chosen for the incineration lines was supplied from one and the same source by Standardkessel Baumgarte. The supply includes, among other things, an air-cooled moving grate, three vertical radiation passes, tail-end pass and a vertical economizer. The scope of supply extends from the fuel supply via the feedwater system, the E/I&C technology and the building services equipment.


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"We deliver an innovative and specially adapted technology for a sustainable and effective energy supply tailor-made for your needs".

Olaf Schumacher

Head of Sales EfW

Technical Data

Number of Lines



processed domestic and industrial waste

Low Heating Value

Minimal7 MJ/kg

Nominal9 MJ/kg

Maximal15 MJ/kg

Fuel Flow

Minimal34.0 t/h

Maximal38.3 t/h

Rated Thermao Input

85 MW

Steam Capacity

107 t/h

Steam Pressure

77 bar

Steam Temperature

450 °C

Feed Water Temperature

130 °C

Flue Gas Flow

170,000 m³ i. N./h

Flue Gas Temperature Exit

160 °C

Emission Values

IED 2010/75/EU reduced



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