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Exhaust Air and Exhaust Gas Cleaning

SCR Retrofit at the "Hermann Wenzel" Power Plant Unit IV, Duisburg-Ruhrort

Exhaust Air and Gas Cleaning


SCR Retrofit at the "Hermann Wenzel"
Power Plant Unit IV,


Technical Data Reference Sheet


thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG operates the gas-fired "Hermann Wenzel" power plant with a total of four units at the Duisburg-Ruhrort location. Unit IV is operated in mixed mode with blast furnace gas and coke oven gas. In order to match the nitrogen oxide emissions in accordance with the emission directives, a nitrogen oxide reduction system had to be retrofitted



To reduce nitrogen emissions, an SCR system was retrofitted in Unit III. In addition to the integration of the new SCR reactor, the scope of supply included the provision and supply and storage of the reducing agent up to the injection into the flue gas path, including the associated piping, control and measurement technology.

In order to ensure safe load transfer, the loads of the SCR in unit IV had to be transferred directly into the building's main supports or the foundation soil via additional structures. Compliance with the required denitrification rate is achieved with only one layer of SCR catalyst.

The catalyst level can be walked on. The integration of the SCR system into the existing power plant boilers worked perfectly. The stricter emission values are reliably maintained.


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"The purification of waste gases and process gases is increasingly becoming a core issue in the design of plants due to the increasing environmental requirements. With our processes, we can not only clean the gases, but also make the ingredients available for recycling."

Dr. Annette Ziemann-Nöthe

Deputy Head of Exhaust Air and 
Exhaust Gas Cleaning

Technical Data

Number of Lines


Flue Gas Volume

Mixed Mode650,000 Nm³/h

COG only299,000 Nm³/h

COG + BFG min BK2311,000 Nm³/h

NOx Crude Gas

Miced Mode220 mg/nM³

COG only420 mg/Nm³

COG + BFG min BK2600 mg/Nm³

NOx-Guaranty Value downstream KAT

dry, 11 % Vol% O2100 mg/Nm³


dry, 11 % Vol% O2< 5 mg/Nm³


NH4OH spray evaporator in electrically heated carrier gas



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