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Development of combined cycle plants

CCP Plant Hattorf, Philippstahl, Germany

CCP Plant Hattorf, Philippstahl, Germany

Technical data Reference sheet

The Task

E.ON Energy Projects GmbH placed an order with Standardkessel Baumgarte for the construction of a gas turbine plant with heat recovery boiler at the location of K+S KALI GmbH. The new plant supplements the existing combined heat and power station. The new combined heat and power station supplies the production facilities of K+S KALI GmbH with electricity and live steam. Standardkessel Baumgarte was entrusted with the task of designing the plant in such a way that the highest possible fuel utilisation rate is achieved with the highest possible electricity yield. Moreover, it was necessary to optimise the plant up to the highest possible availability.


The Solution

For the new plant, a gas turbine of the type SGT 700B with a nominal output of 32 MW was selected. The heat recovery steam generator was conceived as a single-pressure boiler with auxiliary firing equipment for natural gas after an upstream gas turbine. The boiler design was carried out in accordance with the design data provided. The installation of the heat recovery steam generator is carried out inside the weatherproof enclosure, all boiler and stack loads being transmitted into the boiler’s steel supports. The transmission of these loads into the supports is effected via an appropriate steel structure. The stack is designed as a single structural shell stack freestanding on the boiler supporting structure.


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"In order to meet the demands of a volatile energy market, we have made it our mission to realise our plants with maximum efficiency and high availability."

Detlef Simon

Head of Sales and Marketing

Technical data

Number of Lines


Energy Source

Natural Gas

GT-Exhaust Gas Flow

97 kg/s

GT-Exhaust Gas Temperature

530 °C

GT-Electric Output

32 MW

Rated Thermal Input

70 MW

Steam Capacity HD

80 t/h

Steam Temperature

500 °C

Steam Pressure

62 bar

Feedwater Temperature

105 °C

FG Temp Boiler Outlet

130 - 180 °C

Type of Boiler

Natural Circulation

Year of Commissioning


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