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Development of Combined Cycle Power Plants

CCPP Plattling,

CCPP Plattling,

Technical Data Reference Sheet


Kraftwerk Plattling GmbH, a subsidiary of E.ON Energy Projects, constructed at the location of the paper mill of the Myllykoski Group in Plattling a CHP power plant as a combined gas and steam turbine plant. The power plant is intended to ensure that the adjoining paper mill is supplied with process steam as well as with electric energy by means of cogeneration. Standardkessel Baumgarte was given the task of constructing the heat recovery boiler for fully automatic and economical continuous operation at high efficiency and availability, with at the same time maximum reliability of the steam supply being achieved.



In order to solve the problem Standardkessel Baumgarte is supplying a heat recovery boiler of horizontal construction. The heat recovery boiler in the power plant in Plattling is operated downstream of a GE 6FA gas turbine with an approx. 60 MW auxiliary firing system and a cooled combustion chamber. At full load, the HRB reaches a steaming capacity of 201 t/h at a steam pressure of 92 bar and a steam temperature of 532 C°. The gas and steam turbines together generate up to 110 MW of electricity, the process steam being taken off at a low stage from the pass-out condensation turbine. Besides the heat recovery boiler, Standardkessel Baumgarte is supplying the associated steelwork, the flue gas duct between the gas turbine and the heat recovery boiler, the silencer and the stack as well as the field instrumentation and the complete burner control system.


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"In order to meet the demands of a volatile energy market, we have made it our mission to realise our plants with maximum efficiency and high availability."

Detlef Simon

Head of Sales and Marketing

Technical Data

Number of Lines


Energy Source

GT Exhaust Gas

GT Exhaust Gas Flow

214.5 kg/s

GT Exhaust Gas Temperature

592 °C

Electrical Output GT

77 MW

Steam Capacity

210 t/h

Steam Temperature

532 °C

Steam Pressure

92 bar

Aux. Fuel

Natural Gas

Rated Thermal Input Aux. Firing

58 MW

Feed Water Temperature

Range80 - 90 °C

Flue Gas Temperature HRSG Exit

110 °C



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