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All welds prove their tightness in Bremen

We celebrate a successfull pressure test

 August 2022

After spectacular pictures were shown in January on our construction site in Bremen with the lifting of the boiler, all weld seams could now also prove their tightness after the pressure test.

The new sewage sludge combustion plant in Bremen, for which SBG is supplying the core technology (cranes, sludge reception and transport, drying and vapour condensation, exhaust air treatment, bunker, firing system and boiler) for the customer KENOW GmbH & Co.KG, is scheduled to go into normal operation next year. An important milestone has now been reached for this. After all the pressure part welds for the steam generator incl. Eco were completely welded, all the welds proved their tightness at the required test pressures.



"We are delighted with the successful print test celebration and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, especially our entire team and of course our customer KENOW, for the cooperative working relationship"

Dr Jan Frederik Horstmeier,

Project Manager SBG

Sewage sludge utilisation plant
Kenow Bremen, Germany

Reference Sheet

The new MWIP is intended to meet the requirements of the federal legislator to recycle sewage sludge in an environmentally and climate-friendly, safe and economical manner by thermally recycling sewage sludge. The MWIP is being built on the site of Bremen's Industriehäfen district in the immediate vicinity of swb's medium calorific power plant Hafen (MKK).




Outline of the Projekt




mechansich entwässerter und solarthermisch getrockneter Klärschlamm

Heating Value (dry)

13,5 MJ/kg

Steam Capacity

21,6 t/h

Steam Temperature

450 °C

Steam Pressure

66 bar

This is what the hydrotest looked like in pictures!

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