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Development of Biomass Power Plants

Biomass Power Plant Eberswalde, Germany

HOKAWE Biomass Power Plant
Eberswalde, Germany

Technical Data Reference Sheet


At the Eberswalde location a new biomass-fired power plant (BMPP) had to be constructed in the harbour area. The task of the BMPP is to supply the surrounding households with electricity. Moreover, the co‑generation of process steam for supplying the surrounding business enterprises/production plants is planned. As fuel for the BMPP, only fresh wood is used,  in accordance with the Biomass Ordinance. The order for implementation was placed with Standardkessel Baumgarte in July 2005.



The delivery of the fuel is carried out by means of trucks. The fuel is taken from the receiving station to a roofed-over outdoor storage area where it is put into intermediate storage. From the open air storage area, the fuel is conveyed by means of moving floors and conveyor belts to the boiler area.

The thermal part consists of grate stoker, steam generator and flue-gas cleaning system. The firing of the fuel is carried out via a three-compartment underfeed stoker. The steam generator is designed as a water-tube boiler in the vertical type of construction with natural circulation. In order to achieve optimum efficiency, there is an integral reheat stage. Flue-gas cleaning is carried out in a dry process by means of fabric filters. The electric energy generated in the turbine/generator is fed into the public grid.


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Olaf Schumacher

Head of Sales


Technical Data


Virgin Wood

Low Heating Value

Minimal8.5 MJ/kg

Maximal12.0 MJ/kg

Nominal10.4 MJ/kg

Fuel Throughput

Minimal11.0 t/h

Maximal24.0 t/h

Nominal22.0 t/h

Rated Thermal Input

65 MW

Electrical Output

20 MW

Steam Capacity

HP68 t/h

RH68 t/h


HP482 °C

RH472 °C

Steam Pressure

HP82 bar

RH19 bar

Feed Water Temperature

105 °C

Flue Gas Flow

Nominal135,000 m³/h i.N.

Flue Gas Temperature Exit

170 °C

Boiler Type

Natural Circulation

Operating Permit

13. BImSchV



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