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Development of Combined Cycle Power Plants

Combined Cycle
Power Plant KW 6
Marl, Germany

Combined Cycle Power Plant

KW 6

Marl, Germany

Technical Data Reference Sheet


Evonik is replacing a further power plant in the Marl Chemical Park by a modern gas and steam turbine power plant. Hence the modernisation of the Chemical Park is making further progress. The old power plant has so far been used as a reserve power plant and is now to make way for a modern and flexible gas and steam turbine power plant. Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co. KG is, as the general contractor, taking on the planning and construction of the CCGT plant. Standardkessel Baumgarte secured the order for the supply of the steam generator incl. the ancillary trades.

This third line supplements the two high-efficiency CCGT plants that are being constructed by Siemens jointly with Standardkessel Baumgarte in the Marl Chemical Park as a replacement for two coal-fired power plants.



The third CCGT plant will, exactly like the first two plants, generate electricity and steam in the cogeneration process on the basis of natural gas and for that will utilise various residual gases from the chemical production processes at the Marl location. The heat recovery boiler is constructed in horizontal design and suspended in the boiler steelwork. The three burners of the auxiliary firing system are used for the supply of GT exhaust gases and for the additional use of natural gas, LPG, process gas and harbour gas as additional fuels and they are integrated into the boiler front wall.

The new power plant unit will be connected to the existing plants in such a way that, upon failure or standstill of individual power plants, an uninterrupted supply of gas to the chemical park is ensured.

sichergestellt ist.


For more information, please see our reference sheet.

"In order to meet the demands of a volatile energy market, we have made it our mission to realise our plants with maximum efficiency and high availability."

Detlef Simon

Head of Sales and Marketing

Technical Data

Number of Lines


Energy Source

GT Exhaust Gas

GT Exhaust Gas Flow

137.2 kg/s

GT Exhaust Gas Temperature

569 °C

Electrical Output GT each

55 MW

Electrical Output ST each

37 MW

Rated Thermal Input Aux. Firing max. each

181 MW

Steam Capacity each

226 t/h

Steam Temperature each

500 °C

Steam Pressure each

80 bar

Feed Water Temperature

85 °C

Flue Gas Temperature HRSG Exit

98 °C

Aux. Fuel

Natural Gas, Production Residues (g)

Boiler Design

Natural Circulation



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