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Development of waste to energy plants

Energy from Waste Plant
Stapelfeld, Hamburg, Germany

Energy from Waste Plant
Stapelfeld, Hamburg, Germany

Technical data Reference Sheet

The Task

EEW Energy from Waste GmbH is building a new replacement for the existing energy from waste plant at the Stapelfeldsite, located northeast of Hamburg. The entire complex will consist of two individual plants, a thermal waste treatment plant for residual waste and a mono sewage sludge incineration plant. In the future, municipal waste, commercial waste similar to household waste and processed municipal waste will be thermally treated, electricity will be fed into the grid and district heating will be produced for the municipality of Stapelfeld and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Standardkessel Baumgarte received the order to supply the steam generator and the grate firing system for the new energy from waste plant.


The Solution

For successful project implementation, Standardkessel Baumgarte relies on a steam generator with 3 vertical radiation passes and one horizontal convection pass, which also contains the first stage of the economizer. Sodium hydrogen carbonate is used as a reducing agent in the subsequent dry adsorption flue gas cleaning system. An SCR system for catalytic NOx reduction is also integrated into the RGR. To improve the overall boiler efficiency, a second economizer stage is connected downstream of the flue gas cleaning system to further cool the flue gases before they enter the stack. 


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"We deliver an innovative and specially adapted technology for a sustainable and effective energy supply tailor-made for your needs".

Olaf Schumacher

Head of Sales

Technical data

Number of Lines



Municipal Solid Waste, Industrial Waste

Heating Value

min.8.0 MJ/kg

nom.11.0 MJ/kg

max.13.6 MJ/kg

Fuel Throughput

Minimal29.3 t/h

nom.39.3 t/h

Maximal45.0 t/h

Rated Thermal Input

120 MW

Steam Capacity

147,4 t/h

Steam Pressure

40 bar

Steam Temperature

400 °C

Feed Water Temperature

115 °C

Flue Gas Flow

(nom.)220,000 Nm³/h

Exhaust-Gas Temperature

140 °C

Emission Limit Value


Year of Commissioning


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